About Me

My Education

Growing up in Pretoria meant there is a wide variety of excellent schools to choose from. I decided to stay close to home and went to Hoƫrskool Pretoria Noord. I matriculated in 2005 with the following subjects:

  • Afrikaans – first language [HG]
  • English – second language [HG]
  • Mathematics [HG]
  • Accounting [HG]
  • Art [HG]
  • Computer Studies [HG]

After high school I decided to go study Education at the University of Pretoria. I did enjoy the work, but after one year I decided it wasn’t for me. Although I like teaching, I couldn’t do the subjects I liked and the politics…

In 2007 I enrolled for a BIS Multimedia degree. This was perfect for me because I could do hardcore programming and visual design. Some of the courses I did: Net-centric computing, data structures, design patterns, concurrent systems, copy editing and more. My final year electives were:

  • Software engineering
  • Artificial intelegence
  • Programming languages
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Multimedia trends